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~Easy Holiday Charcuterie Board~

Sunday, November 27, 2016

 It's hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner! Let's face it, with this joyous holiday comes some very stressful moments, especially when you're having friends and family over to make new holiday memories.......Keep Calm & Party On!

It doesn't matter if I am hosting a few friends or a tribe. To me, it's all about the small details. If you are attending a holiday get together at my home this season, chances are you will be enjoying some tasty and unique appetizers......and my list always starts with an easy & fun cheese board! 

There's just something comforting to sit and chat while munching on goodies from a home made Charcuterie board.

I love creating cheese boards because here is where your creativity can run wild! You can choose as little (or as many) items you wish to add to your board........I always start with a few different tasting cheeses, add at least one meat option, some fruits, olives & crackers.

My favorite "go to" cheese brand is Stella®. I love this brand because it is easily available at both large grocery store chains as well as smaller neighborhood locations and their cheese variety is incredible! Chances are, if Stella® doesn't carry it, it doesn't exist.....just look at the varieties of cheeses they sell:

1. Stella® Organic Parmesan Cheese
2. Stella® Parmesan Cheese
3. Stella® Asiago Cheese
4. Stella® Blue Cheese
5. Stella® Feta Cheese
6. Stella® Fontina Cheese
7. Stella® Fontinella® Cheese
8. Stella® Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
9. Stella® Goat Cheese
10. Stella® Gorgonzola Cheese
11. Stella® Italian Sharp Cheese
12. Stella® Kasseri Cheese
13. Stella® Provolone Cheese
14. Stella® Ricotta Cheese
15. Stella® Romano Cheese
16. Stella® Swiss Cheese

Once you decide on the items to include on your cheese board, let the fun begin!
I used a simple wood block cutting board, but you can use anything just about anything you have on hand for your cheese display, just make sure that it is food safe.
I spread out all my ingredients and get to building. I have found "balance" in displaying grapes in both upper corners of my boards, but again, you can set your ingredients any way you like! 

FYI......if you do not already own a cheese slicer.....it is a must have if you plan on hosting a few parties through the holidays.......the are economically priced in most stores and this little tool allows you to slice your harder cheeses perfectly every time!

I like a variety of cheese textures....slices, dices, crumbles...I think it's just a little more appealing to the eye. 

My board contained two of my favorites.......Stella® Fontinella & Bleu  are two varieties that I'm always sure to include.

Offering a variety of different ingredients to your guests is key.......make their mouth dance with both savory and sweet! These meat rolls are a heartier part of my cheese board and are super simple to make......just roll Genoa salami around slices of provolone cheese..easy peasey (and not expensive at all!) Of course, you can use a variety of cheeses for this element as well, and roll prosciutto around a them......make your cheese board as unique as you are!

Click on the photo above or highlighted link below to enter the Stella Cheese wine country contest!

My intimate dinner parties include not only a Charcuterie board, but wine parings as well....what a great way for both you and your guests to explore so many different food and wine options at the same time. I have discovered many different wines that I love and would have never known about if not for my Charcuterie parties!

Enjoying cheese and wine is really fun at home, but right now you can enter Stella’s amazing contest to win a trip to Napa Valley, California!  We all know that California is wine country and you could win a $5000 trip to sip on some new favorites of your very own!

Cheese is always a part of my holiday celebrations......take a peek at the Stella Cheese website to learn more about their cheeses &  great wine pairing ideas! 

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  1. Yum! This is so European. Reminds me of the wonderful platters we've enjoyed in Italy and France. Happy Holidays, Collette. xoxo