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Down on the Farm

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Many little girls share a common dream at a very young have a pony of their very own.
They dream of giving him a name, brushing his hair, giving him a bath with a hose, and riding him into the sunset.

I remember always asking Santa to bring me a pony for Christmas, and would be sad when I opened a plastic play horse to add to my pony collection.

Luckily, my dream came true as an adult, and I have experienced the true love between a horse and it's owner. 

                   Roman                       Majestic & Bella                        Spirit                                 General
         Appaloosa  Horse                Quarter Horses                     Paint Horse                      Arabian Horse

Looking at photos of my previous horses made me revisit another dream of mine. To live in a remodeled barn in the country, ride my horses in huge open spaces, and appreciate the simpler things in life.
These spaces would definitely "do".

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