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February Blog Post Ideas

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy month of love!

Here we are in the third day of February, and if you find yourself searching for blog topic ideas, no worries! I have you covered!

These are just some ideas that I think will help get your creative juices flowing and carry your blog through the end of the month with some really fun topics you can share with your readers.

Feel free to use these ideas "as is" or put your own spin on them!

February Blog Post Ideas:

  • it's the month of love. Who or what do you love?
  • share your personal love story
  • host a guest post on your blog
  • create a Valentine's Day gift guide
  • February is heart disease awareness month. Share some information on the topic. 
  • tell a story using photos
  • offer your readers some of your best photo tips
  • review your favorite book
  • host a reader giveaway
  • share a post about your successes and failures
  • share your budgeting ideas
  • how do you keep your home organized? Your readers want to know!
  • share a kitchen hack (a short cut you use while cooking)
  • share your favorite sweet treat recipe
  • share why you actually started your blog
  • share what inspires you (home decor, cooking, photography, blogs you follow)
  • create a video about something in your blog niche and share with your readers
  • write a FAQ post and share your answers with your readers
  • compile a list of online tools that readers in your niche can use
  • write about where you were last year (where you lived, employment, personal experiences)
  • share your 2016 blog goals and your plans to achieve them
  • share your favorite monthly magazines and the reasons they are at the top of your list
  • write a post about what sets your blog apart from others (special weekly features, etc.)
  • share a post about a trending topic
  • sum up your 2015 year in blogging
  • share a blog post about a favorite DIY project (yours or a friend)


  1. These are such great ideas!!I may be using a few! Thanks for the info ;)

  2. Awesome ideas, my friend! February is my blog anniversary :) This is my fifth year!!! xoxo