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Who Am I?

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I have a layout published in this awesome idea book by Memory Makers

In keeping with my blog promise to learn more about me in the New Year.....I would like to introduce you to "my previous self". Hello, my name is  Collette Osuna, a published scrapbooker.

After my son Alex passed away in 2000, I turned to scrapbooking as a form of creative release and healing. At that time, I could have never imagined the amazing opportunities that would be headed my way.

I quickly became addicted to the hobby that turned business, and before I knew it, my scrapbooking pages were being published monthly in magazines and idea books such as Memory Makers, Legacy, Scrapbooking Trends and Scrap & Stamp Art, to name a few.

I smile when I remember how thrilled I was to be contacted by the United States Postal Service to help collaborate on the design of the 2006 Holiday Stamp........amazing! 

Although I don't have time to dedicate to scrapbooking these days, I sometimes take a look back at my journey.

Here are a few of my favorite layouts to share:) 


  1. A lovely post today.

    I am sorry to learn that you lost your son. That shouldn't happen, but you are such a strong woman.

    1. Thank you Carol! I really appreciate you:)

  2. I didn't know this about you, Collette! What a therapeutic way of releasing emotions. Happy for you!

    1. I'm like an onion......lol...lots of layers! hahaha