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Industrial Galvanized: It's an Addiction

Saturday, January 30, 2016

I have to laugh sometimes when I look back at the different stages of my life. I can remember when I was younger and always wanting things that were shiny & new. The new dark Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, the latest and greatest Nike "swoosh" tennis shoes, and the newest Run DMC album.

These days, I find myself digging through piles of weathered treasures in barn sales, getting to the outdoor antique sales early for the best parking spot, and picking up old dressers and ladders that have definitely seen better days. 

Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I can't find that worn and rusty "perfect piece", so in comes new items I can purchase that are made to look old.

If you have my mindset of "the older, the rustier and the more dented" the better......then the search for some unique home decor pieces could be over.

I have added these rustic, industrial, farmhouse galvanized pieces to my Painted Fox Curated Collection, because let's face it:
A:I'm addicted to galvanized metal ANYTHING 
B:Sometimes "new looking old" can be just as perfect!

The Painted Fox 20% off sale ends Sunday (tomorrow) and some of these pieces are under $50!
Head on over to take a peek and of course, shipping is FREE.......always!

Bordeaux Napkin Holder

Dairy Containers

Galvanized Napkin Ring Set ($35.20)

Walsh Grain Scoop ($32.80)

Galvanized Pot Trio ($30.40)

Painted Fox | Painted Fox Classic 728x90

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