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Basket Talk with World Market

Monday, January 18, 2016

If your new year "to do" list includes being more organized and adding additional storage options to your home, this blog post is for you!

Baskets are definitely "my jam" and I use them in practically every room in my home. Why not use a large basket as a clothes hamper in your kids room? Display one on your fireplace hearth to keep blankets off the floor? or smaller options in your bathroom or on top of your kitchen sink as "catch alls"?

When my local World Market closed a few years ago, I was truly crushed. I immediately hopped online and was so happy to see that some of my favorite home decor items could be ordered online and delivered right to my front door.

I shop at World Market quite often for unique items that are ALWAYS affordable.....some of these baskets are even priced below $10.00!

I just ordered this weave basket that I'll be filling with moss and twig balls.
This baby will be on my coffee table in no time at all!

(click the photos below to see which of these functional baskets would help make your life more organized with style!)

Painted Fox | Welcome Home 728x90


  1. All great baskets.

    I really love the basket that World Market carries that is made for hanging on a door or wall. I would love to buy it, but it is just a bit too big for my door.

    1. Such cute baskets Carol! I agree...hope you're having a great week!