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Painted Fox: Nantucket Driftwood Bowls

Thursday, December 3, 2015

If you wait on the edge of your seat for my new Painted Fox Design Series item of the week.....boy was it worth the wait!

I recently mentioned on a Periscope video that you would soon be seeing a driftwood piece arriving in my collection, and today is the day!

If you're anything like me, you have been staring at the photo above for longer than you care to admit.
How gorgeous are these Nantucket Driftwood Bowls?  I love adding nature inspired pieces to my home and these bowls  do not disappoint! Some may see a coastal vibe, while others see rustic or farmhouse. Driftwood is a gift from nature, and these bowls will easily lend themselves to any type of home decor.

I love wood in any form, so I was instantly attracted to their intricate design. Each driftwood piece is carefully stacked on top of one another around the circumference of the bowl. The bottom of the bowl features large slatted wood sections to highlight the uniqueness of each piece.  

My Christmas decorating is in full swing, and I'm always looking for new ways to change up my holiday home. I immediately thought to display these conversation pieces on my coffee table.

The smaller bowl is being used to hold magazine subscriptions and I added in some faux holiday red berries for a pop of color.

My Birthday was Tuesday, and my kiddos gifted me such thoughtful goodies! I received this beautiful gold deer, the felt Christmas tree, plaid slippers, a vegetarian cookbook and Burberry perfume. I had such a fun day!
Of course I can't hang on to home decor for too long without putting it on display, and the driftwood bowls immediately came to mind. The beauty of these pieces are their "true" beauty. No matter what you choose to put inside, the unique driftwood will always be center stage.

The Nantucket Driftwood Bowls are a set of two and would be a perfect addition to your existing holiday decor. You may even want to keep one bowl for yourself, and give one as a Christmas gift!

These bowls are so pretty and are now available on the Painted Fox website for 20% off their original price when you use the code: ATHOME20 at checkout.


  1. I love driftwood, but we don't see much on our beach. We leave in 13 days (but, who's counting) for a family Christmas vacation in Kauai. I have just decided that I am taking my glue gun with me as one of my craft projects for late nights. I am going to hunt for driftwood each day and hopefully make something to bring home and a memory.

    1. Hi Carol! You're sooooo lucky! You're going to have a great time! Take lots of pics....can't wait to see:)

  2. Hi Collette!
    Must say this is a fabulous idea! I have only a small amount of drift wood I collected last summer left and it wouldn't be enough to do this, but I will certainly have this in mind to make in the future. Really useful and beautiful!