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December Blog Post Ideas

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


There's nothing worse as a blog owner than to have writers block. Ok, I take that back. If you typed in your blog URL and saw an error message of "page not found", that would certainly be worse than writers get the picture. You love to write. You know how to write, you just don't always know what  to write.

December is a crazy busy month for everyone, and blogging might not be on the forefront of your mind. Even though you're busy trimming the tree, shopping for holiday gifts (or hiding them from your kiddos), you know that good blog content is key, and the show must go on. Why not finish out the last month of the year on a strong note with awesome blog content your readers are accustomed to?

Even though we are on the 9th day of the month, I thought I would share some post topic ideas to carry your blog through the end of December, and get those creative juices flowing again.

Feel free to use these ideas, or put your own spin on them to make them your own!

December Blog Post Ideas

  • create a Holiday shopping gift guide
  • share a post about your family holiday traditions
  • what is on your wish list for 2016?
  • share your best childhood memory of Christmas
  • create a holiday printable to share with your readers (Pic Monkey is great for this!)
  • share your favorite ways to stay organized
  • share some things you learned in 2015
  • what are your "must read" books for 2016?
  • create a blog reader survey asking readers what they would like to see in 2016 (I did this here!)
  • share your favorite holiday recipe
  • share a holiday home tour (choose a few rooms. It doesn't have to be your entire house)
  • share stocking stuffer ideas
  • are you hosting Christmas? Share favorite tips for when company is arriving
  • share a DIY holiday craft
  • share favorite Elf on a Shelf ideas
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • share your day after Christmas "after holiday clean up tips"
  • share things you are grateful for
  • what was your favorite moment in 2015?
  • share New Years resolutions (or why you don't make any)
  • New Years Eve: who are you kissing at midnight?

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  1. Collette! These are SOOOOOO great!!!! writers block is the worst, isn't it?

    1. It sure is sweets! I sometimes need a little creativity "boost"!

  2. I am not a blogger who plans much. I just write about what's happening around my little house.

    But, I saw some good posts recently about things people are crushing on. I don't spend a lot of time shopping online so it's fun when others show me what's out there at favorite shops like Anthropologie.

    1. I agree Carol....write about what you love:)