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Everything Home Magazine Launch!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Welcome to the Premiere Issue of Everything Home Magazine!
I can hardly believe that this day has finally arrived friends! I have to be honest, I am filled with so many emotions today that I can hardly describe it!

It has been a long six weeks since we first announced Everything Home Magazine.
I actually remember the exact moment when I decided this was a project I wanted to undertake. I remember being filled with excitement to be able to share so many amazing people and talents all in one place. I have always been a promoter of lifting up others on Instagram. I have from day one. I have blogged my ideas to share my success as well as hosting Periscope chats. I have always felt it important to be transparent and an honest person. Why wouldn't I want to share how to work with your favorite companies or brands? Tips & tricks you might not already know about and make it easier for you who could be struggling with a same situation I was once in?
It's in my nature, it's just who I am. And so Everything Home Magazine was born.

I needed an amazing crew to make this idea come to life and I knew just who to reach out too! I sent text messages and private direct messages through Instagram asking others to hop on board. It was at this point that I didn't have many details to share. I didn't even tell anyone it was a magazine! I am overwhelmed when I recall each and every person saying "yes", not even knowing what I was asking them to do! To me? this is a testament to the strong friendships and trust that are created through Instagram over time.

Over the next six weeks the Everything Home team went from friends to family. I truly mean this in every sense of the word. We communicate daily through our Instagram direct messages, emails, our Google Group and through text messages. Everyone on the team is important, everyone has an opinion, everyone is heard. That's just our family dynamic.

A very special mention goes out to Daraka McCrackin, who is not only my co Editor, she is my very best friend. Without her help, my idea for Everything Home Magazine would never have been possible. Our daily chats, the sleepless nights, laughs and tears.....I wouldn't trade any of it with this beautiful soul by my side.

Through all of our hard work, we have created an amazing Premiere Launch issue that we couldn't be more proud of! We are featuring some of your favorite Instagram friends as well as bloggers. Some people you may already know, some you may be learning about for the first time through reading their story in our magazine. This is the whole idea behind Everything Home, to showcase as many people as possible in one place.
Our Everything Home Magazine motto is "we believe a light is bright enough to shine on many, not just one". This motto echos on every page!

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you! We are already looking forward to next months issue and everything that is to come in the future. Your support of our magazine and it's contributors has been strongly felt every step of the way, and we appreciate it so much.

Please visit our advertisers who took a leap of faith with us and take a peek at the "Meet the Contributors" pages to get to know these inspiring talented people that I am so very lucky to call "family".

If you are not already following the Everything Home Magazine Instagram account, please do so for more information on how to use our column hashtags for a chance at a possible feature in a future issue.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back & enjoy!


  1. I'm In tears again after reading this. I am so honored to be a part of your dream come true! It's been an adventure from the start and one I can't wait to repeat every month! This post is amazing because it is so true. I love you sweet friend!!

  2. Thank you Daraka! SO happy you are on the team sweets!

  3. Loved reading every bit of this Collette! Such a beautiful issue and so thrilled to be a part of this! Thank you ~

  4. Yay... This was such a great premiere .... So excited for many mlre