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Farmhouse Love: The No.1 Metal Bin

Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Friday Friends!

I really wish blog platforms would give you the option to add emoticons to our blog posts because if they did, I'd be including clapping hands, thumbs up, and an overload of floating hearts to this post. 

Who sits on the edge of their seat anxiously waiting to find out what the brand new At Home With Collette Osuna Design Series item of the week will be? Insert the raising your hand emoticon if you do! Painted Fox and I love to hear all about your excitement too!

In case you missed the news, I will only be bringing you brand new items each read that right. Brand new items that you have never been able to order from Painted Fox before. I admit it, if I see a new item somewhere (including the grocery store) it pretty much gets tossed into my shopping cart.
There's just something about finding a new treasure to love that pulls me in. Each. And. Every. Time.
I have hand picked some really neat and unique pieces to add to my Painted Fox Collection that I'm sure everyone will love! 

Speaking of love......are you on a "color kick" like I am? I have had a thing for green lately and this No 1 Green Metal Bin is speaking my love language. 

How fun is this new piece you guys? It's the perfect shade of green, has four compartments, handles and a little rust for extra measure! Let's not forget the perfect shade of white stencil "No. 1" on the front of the bin...I swoon! This No 1 Metal Tin will be normally priced at $34.00, but you can pick it up for less than $28.00 if you use my coupon code: ATHOME20 at checkout.

When this beauty arrived at my door step I immediately knew I was going to grab the green goods and run with it! I love how the green tin color is slightly faded and thought that bold colored herbs would really pop displayed inside of it. During the Summer months I bring inside tons of fresh flowers from my yard, but Michigan in October? Not so much these days.

I headed to my local fruit market and picked up some really pretty fresh herbs to fill my Farmhouse Mason Jars with. I knew the rustic jars would be a great way to display them and they fit perfectly into the little compartments. Win-Win I say.

I spent less than $6.00 and not only do I have a beautiful Fall vignette to display, but I can cook with the fresh herbs when I'm finished using them in my metal tin. 

Fresh herbs aren't just a fun way to add a pop of color to your home decor. Click on the links below to learn more about some of my favorite herbs and health benefits from each that you might not already know about.
  1. Rosemary
  2. Mint
  3. Marjoram
  4. Arugula

Talking about "fresh" and "herbs", can we also talk about this Farmhouse Fresh Tea Towel?
We're all friends here, who needs to lie.......I knew the minute  I spotted this towel that it was going to be added to my design series collection. A functional towel is just about one of the most important things in my kitchen. Who needs a towel that looks cute but is poor quality or worse, that doesn't absorb water and just slides over a surface? You know the towel I'm talking about! I think we all have one....we bought it for looks, and that's about it folks.

This Farmhouse Fresh Towel is the bomb! (and if I had a bomb emoticon, I would be inserting it right about here) These are huge towels, soft, absorbent and did I mention "oh so rustic & cute"?

The print is rustic and fun, and since I live at my fruit market a few times a week, the printed verse just spoke to me. Not only is there a design on the front, but look at that sweet tomato peeking out of the back corner!  Each towel is made from 100% cotton and features a corner hanging tab.  These are a must have to hang from your rustic kitchen hooks as part of a display!

These towels come in a set of two (2) and will will be normally priced at $14.00, but you can pick them up for less than $12.00 if you use my coupon code: ATHOME20 at checkout.

I had so much fun introducing these new items to the Painted Fox store this week and cannot wait to show you what we have up our sleeve for next Thursday!

See you back here then friends, have a great weekend!



  1. I love that tin.

    I am planning to paint an old tool box next week and I might just copy that graphic.