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Mother's Day Wishlist Giveaway

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Happy May friends!

Mothers Day is right around the corner and it's the one day a year that we celebrate and appreciate the Mom in our lives. While we all know what she doesn't want (getting strapped making dinner or doing laundry), how about some great gift ideas for what Mom really wants?

When my kiddos asked me what I wanted for Mothers Day this year, I whipped out my ever growing Painted Fox "wishlist" and handed it over with a smile. I love all my choices and would be so happy to just receive one. (Ok, totally lying, I want them all)

It's no secret that one of my all time favorite stores on earth is Painted Fox. Truth be told, I have spent more than a couple hours at a time browsing through their products and I can never find one that I don't crush on!

If you love farmhouse, rustic or industrial style, you really must add a little Painted Fox to your life. I'm teaming up with Painted Fox and offering one of my Instagram friends a $50.00 gift certificate to shop in their store....seriously.....$50.00 cold hard cash! You can definitely shop for your Mother in style, or spoil yourself!

After all, you can never have too much "farmhouse swag". Click on the links below to visit the items on my wishlist.  

Canvas Tote Bag: I'm a sucker for anything "recycled" and the details on the bag are hand sewn. Yea, I'm hoping to be carrying this bag around town come May 10th!

Driftwood Angel Wings: Can't stop, won't stop thinking of where I could hang this in my home!

Primitive Farmhouse Shoe Shine Box: I'm going to carry my garden "pickins" in this cute box! (I just need to plant the garden first....ugh)

Alphabet & Morse Code Farmhouse Print: How fun is this chart? A keeper for a gallery wall!

Farmhouse Stag Bookends: Stags are in the house, literally. I'd totally use these as part of a fireplace mantle vignette.

Hand Dyed Wrap Bracelet: I'm crossing every finger & toe for this beautiful bracelet! I can choose my own word to put on the souvenir penny and channel my inner Joanna Gaines.

Gold Paperpulp Feather Set: This screams rustic, bohemian, hippie chic to me......I want it, bad.

Metal Farmhouse Scoops: I know you are supposed to scoop with scoops, but these beauties would be hung on my kitchen wall as a pretty display. 

Farmhouse Metal Basket: I think this basket would make a great home for some of my green bottle collection, just sayin'.

Yes, apparently I love this canvas tote so much, that I chose it twice.

Jones Shave & Body Oil: How sweet is the packaging on this product? I'm all about presentation, and this bottle design makes me want to try it! You can choose from three scents, and they all sound pretty dang amazing to me.

Please visit my Instagram page to see giveaway details and how you can win some farmhouse swag!


  1. Umm yea!! I'll take one of each please and that is all. Mm k?! Great picks my friend! Definetly swoon worthy!

    1. KNOW I'm with you....I had to stop myself from adding EVERYTHING in the store!!!

  2. Thanks friend!! If I could, I'd bring one of everything home (well maybe two:)